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HyalSolution – High tech hyaluronic cosmetics. 
      Hyaluronic Serum 1 
100% pure Hyaluronic acid / 2 types 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is 100% natural, biotech. 
High-molecular Hyaluronic acid acts external. Creates on the surface of the skin long-term moisturizing molecular layer. Protects the skin from aggressive environmental factors. 
Low-molecular Hyaluronic acid provides moisturization from within. Penetrates through the epidermal barrier, creates an optimal environment for fibroblasts to develop own HA, collagen and elastin. Stimulates skin regeneration, has anti-inflammatory action.

      Hyaluronic Serum 2 Eyes care 
Matrikine GHK, Glucosamine, Caffeine, HA 

Matrikine GHK is informational tripeptide  (Gly-His-Lys). Stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces wrinkles. "Freezes" ageing, erases signs of age*
Glucosamine is a natural structural component of the intercellular matrix of the skin. Brightens, prevents the accumulation of aging pigment, and stimulates basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF).
Caffeine is a natural stimulator of metabolic processes. Improves microcirculation and provides lymphatic drainage.

      Hyaluronic Serum 3 Anti-Age 30+ 
Dipeptide Calmosensineтм, HA 

Calmosensine™ is a highly active lipodipeptide. Prevents the appearance of first wrinkles. Acts as “messenger of happiness”, relaxes muscles. Has light Botox like effect*.

      Hyaluronic Serum 4 Anti-Age 40+ 
DMAE, cluster of Amino acids, HA

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is a natural substance, a precursor of acetylcholine in the human body. Provides a rapid facelift of the skin (the effect of “Lift up!”), due to the miofibroblasts constriction  and the skin structure strengthening. 
Cluster of Amino acids (glycine, taurine and lysine) "energy charge" needed to maintain skin elasticity.

      Hyaluronic Serum 5 Anti-Age 50+ 
EGF, Matrixyl ® Synthe 6™, Collagen, Elastin, HA

EGF (epidermal growth factor) (the Nobel Prize) increases the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin, elastin. Reduces the number and depth of wrinkles**. 
MATRIXYL® synthe 6™ is a powerful tripeptide, the latest of the legendary generation of the Matrixyl peptides. Stimulates the synthesis of matrix proteins (collagen, fibronectin), restores epidermal matrix. Restructures and strengthens the skin. Proven: reduces the extent net rinkles by 21%*. 
Collagen and Elastin provide resilience and elasticity of the skin. Tighten, smooth out fine lines.

      Hyaluronic Serum 6 Lightening 
Complex WhiteTen, HA

WhiteTen is an innovative complex of 10 natural whitening components (acetyl glucosamine, Niacinamide, mulberry, Oxalis, Camellia japonica , Matsutake mushroom extract, Gotu Kola (Centella), green Tea, green Apple, paper Tree).
Proven efficiency: brightening and evening skin color (against pigment spots); antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and smoothing effect on skin***.

      Hyaluronic Serum 7 Lipomodelling Face   
L-Carnitine, Caffeine, HA

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in body. Active lipolytic. Disposes of fatty acids, activating their oxidation in the mitochondria. 
Caffeine intensifies cells metabolism, improves drainage.

      Hyaluronic Serum 8 Anti-Couperose 
Beta-Glucan, Rutin, complex Anti-Couperose, HA

Beta-Glucan is a natural biopolymer. Actively soothes, calms and strengthens the skin, makes it supple and smooth***. 
Rutin (vitamin P) strengthens the capillary of the skin.
Anti-Couperose complex is a multiple-herbal preparation; Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Artemisia Montana, Ginkgo Biloba, Centella Asiatica, Vaccinium Corymbosum and Rosa Canina. Complex has multiple functions such as antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and skin soothing effects. Softens rough skin helping to strengthen skin's moisture barrier, naturally restoring health. Comforts and calms skin, helping to reduce troublesome sensations. Can act as an “environmental shield” to protect the skin from environment***.

      Hyaluronic Serum 9 Anti-Acne 
Azelaic acid, complex Anti-Acne, HA

Azelaic acid is an active pharmaceutical ingredient for acne correction. Blocks keratinization of the upper layer of the skin, therefore prevents pore clogging and appearance of blackheads on skin. 
Complex Anti-Acne: Lactic acid, Lactobacillus Lysate, Salicylic acid. 
Lactic acid normalizes the process of epithelialization, reduces the density of comedones, and tightens pores.
Lactobacillus Lysate is a cleavage product of dairy bacteria. Immunomodulatory cocktail of amino acids, peptides and vitamins. Has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, creates an environment for the normal microflora development.
Salicylic acid is an effective antiseptic and keratolitic. Dissolves in skin fat, providing a powerful comedolytic action.

      Hyaluronic Serum 10 Seboregulator for oily and large pore skin 
Bifidolysate, complex Anti-Sebum, HA

Bifidolysate is a cleavage product of bifidobacteria. Probiotic, immunomodulatory cocktail of amino acids, regulatory peptides and vitamin B complex. Normalizes the natural pH balance of skin, reduces excess functioning of sebaceous glands.
Complex Anti-Sebum: Japanese seaweed, Irish moss, D-panthenol, "synergistic group of four cations" carboxylic acids: sodium, magnesium, zinc, manganese. Actively normalizes sebum formation, has astringent and pores tightening action.      
* The effect is confirmed by the company Sederma (France).
** The effect  is confirmed by the company Plantaderma (Spain).
*** The effect  is confirmed by the company BioSpectrum (South Korea).

MesoExfoliation is a new generation of combined peelings for superficial exfoliation with the aim of solving various aesthetic problems.
In recent years research in aesthetic cosmetology has necessitated evolution of peelings and exfoliates both in the field of security, control of processes and new expectations of the client.
MesoExfoliation line is designed according to modern trends. The unique feature of MesoExfoliation is using a mixture of acids (instead of one acid) and active ingredients that works in synergy and provides:
- maximum of efficiency (challenges difficult tasks that cannot be easily corrected with a "pure" glycolic peelings: hyperpigmentation, acne)
- maximum of safety (reduces the chance of complications)
- controlled process (glycosaminoglycans of different molecular weight allow full control over the course of the procedure)

I. Pre-peeling is the first step of exfoliation aimed for: 
- pH correction and the reduction of the stratum corneum thickness (for subsequent penetration of active substances into the skin)
- stabilization or reduction of melanogenesis
- stimulation of skin regeneration (especially aging skin)

The advantages of CHEMICAL PEELINGS MesoExfoliation
- All seasons.
- Active ingredients in every peeling complement each other and act simultaneously on the superficial and deeper layers of the skin.
- Impact on specific aesthetic problems.
- Cause minimal skin irritation.
- Possess good tolerability.
- Safe, low risk of undesirable effects.
- Provide effective results.